You are a

. You just forgot. You’re made of star dust! You are from the stars. And to the stars you shall return. But the stars - where did they come from? Everything came from something else, by causes and correlations, all the way back to… The Big Bang. 💥 What was that, exactly - and what caused it?! And what lies in store for the stars, in the far future, an unfathombly long time after you and I are long gone - what is to become of them, does the universe entropically decay until it ends, or does some other fate await? Also, who cares about questions like these, aren’t they extremely impractical?!

Well I’m not asking these questions, scientifically, I’m asking them philosophically. And philosophy is extremely practical. Especially those branches of philosophy that deal with stable truths that don’t change, like

, and
, in general.

These are the 🌟 shining stars of philosophy. These are the things you can count on when the night is dark and full of terrors. For centuries, sailors on ships used star-maps, celestial charts, to help them navigate the high seas, and to get themselves, their crews, cargo and ships to their destination, as safely and swiftly as possible. So naturally we started a company to quest into this founding question, or Mission Question:

What truths don’t change?

Which then naturally leads to more questing quest-ions like:

What principles are at play? What values are foundational? What dynamic am I in right now? What archetypal role am I embodying? How about the people around me? Am I reading the signs and symbols around me, and using them to navigate well?

So, tell us, what do you think? Is it possible to study and apply celestial truths, systematically? If it is, then is it practical - both urgent and important? How should we go about doing it? Have other individuals and organizations done it, and was it critical to their success?

We’d love to hear from you. Email us at luckystar@celestial.needstoexist.
Wondering where we got the idea? Hint: it has something to do with Plato & other .

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Invisible’s Core Values (2.0)
Invisible’s Core Values